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Department of Economics

Occidental College

1600 Campus Road

Los Angeles, CA 90041

Phone: 323.259.1461

Fax: 214.481.3124

Email: sita.slavov@gmail.com




Ph.D. in Economics, Stanford University, January 2003


B.A. in Economics with Mathematics minor (summa cum laude and highest honors in economics), College of William and Mary, May 1997



Public Finance, Economics of Aging, Taxation



Occidental College, Department of Economics

Associate Professor (with tenure), August 2008-present

Assistant Professor, January 2003-August 2008

Instructor, August 2002-December 2002


National Bureau of Economic Research

            Faculty Research Fellow, November 2011-present


White House, Council of Economic Advisers

Senior Economist, August 2007-June 2008



Cato Institute (January 2011-May 2011), George Mason University (August 2010-December 2010)


Published and Forthcoming

“Does Stock Market Performance Influence Retirement Expectations?” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources.  (Earlier version: NBER Working Paper no. 16211)

“Implicit Taxes on Work from Social Security and Medicare” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), in Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 25 (Jeffrey Brown, ed.), University of Chicago Press, 2011, 69-88.

“How Well Are Social Security Recipients Protected from Inflation?” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), National Tax Journal (Forum on Social Security), 64(2), June 2011, 429-450.  Reprint in Investigations in the Economics of Aging, NBER book, forthcoming.  (Earlier version: NBER Working Paper no. 16212)

“What Explains Changes in Retirement Plans During the Great Recession?” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings 101(3), May 2011, 29-34. 

“Differential Mortality by Income and Social Security Progressivity” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), in Explorations in the Economics of Aging (David Wise, ed.), University of Chicago Press, 2011,189-204.

“A Solution Concept for Majority Rule in Dynamic Settings” (with Doug Bernheim), Review of Economic Studies, 76(1), January 2009, 33-62.

“Removing the Disincentives in Social Security for Long Careers” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), in Social Security Policy in a Changing Environment (Jeffrey Brown, Jeffrey Liebman, and David Wise, eds.), University of Chicago Press, 2009, 21-38.  (Earlier versions: NBER Working Paper no. 13110 and Retirement Research Consortium Conference, 2006)

“Dependency Ratio,” entry in Encyclopedia of Social Problems (Vincent N. Parrillo, ed.), Sage Publications, 2008, 221-222.

“Age Bias in Fiscal Policy: Why Does the Political Process Favor the Elderly?” Topics in Theoretical Economics, 6(1), 2006, Article 11.

“Comparing the Risks of Social Security with and without Individual Accounts” (with John Shoven), American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 93(2), May 2003, 348-353.

“Some Matrix Techniques in Game Theory” (with Chi-Kwong Li), Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, 3(1), January 2000, 133-141.

“Labor Market Flexibility in East Asia: Lessons From Taiwan” (with Yana Rodgers), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 48(1), October 1999, 51-70.

“Protecting Female Workers in Industrializing Countries” (with Yana Rodgers and Joseph Zveglich), International Review of Comparative Public Policy, 10, 1998, 197-221.

Working Papers

“The Decision to Delay Social Security: Theory and Evidence” (with John Shoven), January 2012.

“Does Retiree Health Insurance Encourage Early Retirement?” (with Steven Nyce, Sylvester Schieber, John Shoven, and David Wise), NBER Working Paper no. 17703, December 2011 (under review, Journal of Public Economics).

“Does Widowhood Explain Gender Differences in Out-of-Pocket Medical Spending Among the Elderly?” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), NBER Working Paper no. 17440, September 2011 (under review, Journal of Health Economics).

“Has the Unified Budget Undermined the Federal Government Trust Funds?” (with John Shoven), NBER Working Paper no. 10953, December 2004.  (Earlier version: Retirement Research Consortium Conference, 2004)

 “Income Redistribution with Majoritarian Politics” (with Doug Bernheim), June 2004.

“Public versus Private Provision of Public Goods,” September 2011 (revision under review, Journal of Public Economic Theory).

 “A Tax on Work for the Elderly: Medicare as Secondary Payer” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), NBER Working Paper no. 13383, September 2007.

 “Social Security and the Timing of Divorce” (with Gopi Goda and John Shoven), NBER Working Paper no. 13382, September 2007.

 “Political Risk versus Market Risk in Social Security” (with John Shoven), NBER Working Paper no. 12135, April 2006.  (Earlier version: Retirement Research Consortium Conference, 2005)

Research Presentations

2012:            Cornerstone Research, Bates White, Treasury Department

2011:            Heritage Foundation, International Atlantic Economic Society Conference, Cato Institute

2010:            32nd Annual Association for Policy Analysis and Management conference, Center for Study of Public Choice (George Mason University), 12th Annual Retirement Research Consortium Conference, CERGE (Charles University)

2008:             College of William and Mary, University of Virginia

2006:             Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings

2004:             Claremont McKenna College, Western Economic Association International Annual Conference

2003:             American Economic Association meetings

2002:             University of Texas - Austin, University of Connecticut, Georgetown University, Brown University, University of Minnesota, University of Chicago

Other Presentations and Panel Discussions

2009:             “Women of Power” Panel, Occidental College

2008:            Financial Crisis Panel Discussion, Occidental College

2005:            Town Hall Meeting on Social Security, Congresswoman Jane Harman

2004:            Summer Institute for High School Teachers, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research


Professional Service and Affiliations

Referee:                             Games and Economic Behavior; Journal of Political Economy; Econometrica; Southern Economic Journal; Feminist Economics; Journal of Pension Economics and Finance; Social Choice and Welfare; American Economist; International Economic Review; International Tax and Public Finance

Session Organizer:            Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings (2006)

Discussant:                         International Atlantic Economic Society Conference (2011)

                                          11th Annual Retirement Research Consortium Conference (2009)

                                          Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings (2006)

                                          Western Economic Association Annual Conference (2004)

                                          Wallis Institute for Political Economy Annual Conference (2003)

Affiliations:                        American Economic Association, International Atlantic Economic Society 

Courses Taught

Economics of Information (last taught Spring 2009)

Public Finance (last taught Spring 2010)

Game Theory (last taught Fall 2009)

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (last taught Fall 2006)

Applied Econometrics (last taught Spring 2010)

Principles of Economics II (last taught Spring 2004)

First-year Writing Seminar – “The World Through the Eyes of Economists” (last taught Fall 2006)

Senior Seminar – Advanced Microeconomic Analysis (last taught Fall 2009)


Theses/Research Supervised

Zhengyi Zhou, Honors Thesis, 2010 (Occidental College)

Jonathan Brogaard, Richter Scholarship, 2005 (Occidental College)

Chris Smutny, Honors Thesis, 2005 (Occidental College)

Lauren Posin, Honors Thesis, 2004 (Occidental College)

Lauretta Wild, Honors Thesis, 2004 (Occidental College)


Service to Occidental

Faculty Co-Advisor, Blyth Fund (student-managed portion of endowment), Fall 2009-Fall 2010

Treasurer, Phi Beta Kappa (local chapter), Spring 2003-Spring 2005, Spring 2009-Spring 2010

Honors Program Coordinator, Economics Department, Fall 2006-Spring 2007, Fall 2008-Spring 2010

Faculty Associate, Braun Residence Hall, Occidental College, Fall 2003-Spring 2004

Member of Teaching Innovations Committee (Fall 2009-Spring 2010), Subcommittee on Finance (Fall 2008-Spring 2009), Affirmative Action Committee (Fall 2004-Spring 2005), Undergraduate Awards Committee (Fall 2003-Spring 2004, Fall 2006-Spring 2007)


Honors and Awards

Robinson Scholar Summer Research Grant, Occidental College, 2003-2011

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Fall 1997-Spring 2002

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (awarded each quarter to 4-6 teaching assistants in economics department), Department of Economics, Stanford University, Spring 1999

Graduated with 4.0/4.0 overall GPA, College of William and Mary, May 1997

Lord Botetourt Medal (for graduating senior achieving the greatest distinction in scholarship), College of William and Mary, May 1997

Ann Callahan Chappell Award (for top fall initiate of Phi Beta Kappa chapter), College of William and Mary, December 1996

Computer Skills

Stata, SAS, Matlab, C++